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Digital Thermometer
(Wall Hanging)                              

Range -50°C to + 75°C (having resolution of 0.1°C) 

Simple Thermometer
(for measurement of room temperature, accuracy ±1°C)  

Resistivity Calculator
Used for finding resistivity of copper or aluminium after finding CR (conductor resistance).No calculations required. Just feed inputs e.g. Resistance Measured,Temperature & diameter or wire (in mm ) and get resistivity directly. 

Electrical Balance
Capacity 200gm, resolution 0.1mg 

Million Meg-ohm Meter
Model MM-108                                      

(Same spec. as mentioned at Sr. No. 2 but with increased range of 1 meg ohm to 1 x 108 Meg ohms at 500V DC) 

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Million Meg-ohm Meter    Electrical Balance    Resistivity Calculator    Simple Thermometer    Digital Thermometer    

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