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Kelvin Double Bridge

Complete set for (Conductor Resistance) Testing
Kelvin Double Bridge (Model No. KDB-2031) Range 0.2 micro Ohm to 11 Ohms
Spot Reflecting Galvanometer. Model No.RG-321
DC Source 10 Amps. Model No. DC-341
Attachment of 1 meter length.Model No. CA-391
Brass clamp with terminals for zero setting

Million Meg-Ohm Meter
Model MM-107                                  
IR (Insulation Resistance) testing specially designed to give stable reading of high accuracy, stable infinity at all ranges even under high humidity, conspicuous meter scale. Output is short-circuit protected.                                                                     
Range             : 1 Megohm to 1 x 107 Megohm at 500 volts DC   
Voltage range  :  70 to 600V DC, Adjustable)                 
Accuracy         :  Better than ± 5% for Resistance  ± 1% for Voltage  

Tensile Testing Machine
(Model TT-2461D) Digital Display 
       a.  Cap. 250 Kgf or 2500N (Provided with one pair of grips) 
       b.  Hydraulic Dumbell cutting press to use with the above  
       c.  Dumbell cutting die (as per IS:5831)

AC High Voltage Tester
(Model ACHV-2611)                         

5/10 KV, capacity 10KVA,Input Current 50 Amps. 

DC High Voltage Tester
(Model DCHV-3K)                                  
(As per IS:10810) capacity 3.0 KV/30mA having tripping facility 

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